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We gratefully acknowledge the individuals and organizations listed here, whose generous donations help to make B.O.N.E.S.' ongoing work of rescuing, fostering, and rehoming beagles possible.

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2015 Donations
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S.
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S. - Donation for Maggie Adoption
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S. - In memory of Bella Fox
  Aline Wirsching-Comstock
  Allen Finkenauer - For all the great work B.O.N.E.S. does to help the beagles in need
  Anna Marie Crumbock
  Barbara Heller
  Carl Hartdegen - Please accept this contribution on behalf of Kate and Bertram Deviny
  Carol Grover - In Memory of Molly
  Carol Grover
  Carol Oliver
  Catherine Luzzi - In loving memory of Betty Brown
  Cynthia Ibarra
  David Krajewski
  Debbie Schneider
  Doreen Farina
  Doreen Gantt
  Drew Dotson
  Elizabeth Nathans
  Elizabeth Nathans - In memory of Bo and in honor of the wonderful adoptive family who gave him the best sixteen months of his life
  Holly Willard - This donation is made in honor of Debbi Deeley Culbertson for providing a loving home for "senior" beagles to enjoy the final years of their life.
  James Giblin Jr
  Jessica Ray
  John Zmirak
  Jonathan Greene
  Judith Enright - In memory of Hudson, the semi-beagle
  Judith Gabardina - In memory of Molly
  Judith Pagliaro
  Manuel Casimiro - For Sandy
  Marcia Winseck
  Marlene Bernhardt - In Memory of Hudson, the Semi-Beagle with the big heart.
  Mary Christenson - This donation is in memory of James McGill
  Mary Lockwood
  Michelle Clancy
  Michelle Costa - This is to help support the medical costs or our Sensational Senior Beagle, Babe. Thank you B.O.N.E.S. for all that you do.
  Nick Ceffalo
  Pamela Roscoe - In memory of Jack
  Patricia Lyons
  Patricia Simpson - In memory of Jewel Dednah
  Raymond Lambert - In memory of Patches
  Robert Meehan - In memory of our first rescue beagle Lady
  Sarah Heaton - In memory of Dixie
  Shelley Newman
  Stephen Grise
  Susan Audia
  Wendy Libby
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