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We gratefully acknowledge the individuals and organizations listed here, whose generous donations help to make B.O.N.E.S.' ongoing work of rescuing, fostering, and rehoming beagles possible.

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2016 Donations
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S. - In Memory of Don Naples
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S.
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S.
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S. - In memory of Pete Robakiewicz
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S. - for the beagles...
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S. - in memory of Peter Rabakiewitz, Durham CT
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S. - In fond memory of Benny the rescued beagle, and in honor of Ann Perry, his rescuer.
  A Friend of B.O.N.E.S. - This donation is in memory of Peter Robakiewicz.
  Atlantic Carpet Cleaners - I am a beagle who was adopted from a pound and want to help other beagles find homes aroooo!!
  Barbara Heller - In Memory of Susie Q
  Carol Grover - In Memory of Bingo
  Carol Grover - In memory of Casey
  Carol Oliver
  Cindy Bender - In memory of Peter Robakiewicz
  David Krajewski
  Doreen Gantt
  Eileen Thomas - In loving memory of Peter Robakiewicz
  Elise Doemer - In Memory of Nellie and Lizzie
  Elizabeth Nathans
  Elizabeth Nathans - In memory of Benny and in honor of his very special foster and adoptive families
  Elizabeth Nathans - In memory of SSB Patch and in honor of the adoptive family who gave him the happiest six years of his life
  Hannah Anderson - In memory of Nicholas Ausiello
  Janice Monetti - In Honor and Memory of Allen Finkenaur
  Jean Mullen - In memory of Donald Naples, Granby CT
  Jonathan Greene
  Judith Gabardina - In memory of Bingo
  Judith Kaplan
  Karen Kosenski - In loving memory of Pete Robakiewicz
  Kenneth Lehrhoff - Honoring the memory of Allen and Virginia Finkenauer - dedicated B.O.N.E.S. volunteers and loving parents.
  Kristin Henley - In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Finkenaur
  Leslie Davis
  Lisa Jordan - In Memory of the Masse family dog Sam
  Mary Piper - In memory of Peter Robakiewicz
  Michelle Clancy - In memory of Abbie and Lacey
  Patricia Lanava - In loving memory of Pete Robakiewicz
  Patricia Lyons
  Raymond Lambert - In memory of Patches
  Robert Moran - In memory of Don Naples, a very good man
  Suzanne DeCarlo - In Loving Memory of Peter Robakiewicz
  Thomas McGuire - In memory of Peter Robakiewicz
  Wendy Whitney - In Loving Memory of Don Knaples
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