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As a service to our colleagues in shelters and in other rescue organizations, we list here beagles in their care, who are searching for their forever homes. For information about dogs whose profiles appear on this page, please contact the organization listed in each dog's profile.

Last Update Date: August 3, 2015

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Chelsea and Hilary

Chelsea and Hilary are a mother-daughter duo that survived years in a hoarding situation before finally being surrendered to the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.

Learning to live the life of a real dog and understanding that humans can be kind, were some of the biggest challenges facing these girls.

Staff and volunteers have spent the last few months working closely with them. Leash training, traveling in the car, housetraining, everything you would think that 8yr. and 6yr. old dogs respectively, would have long since learned!

At this point we have a great idea of what they will be like in a home. They are a bonded pair; Chelsea, the mom, the more outgoing of the pair, and Hilary, the daughter, who is her mother's shadow. They truly enjoy a warm, sunny spot. They are dogs who will happily lounge on the couch with someone!

Once these girls bond with someone, the relationship is a strong one. Following someone around the house may be one of their jobs. Without anxiety, the girls seem just happy to be with someone they trust. They enjoy their walks, but short walks are preferred. Then they like to get back to their space. These girls have gotten so used to traveling in a car, though, that Chelsea walks up to different cars wondering which one we might get in!

And let's not forget Dunkin Donuts... they love the drive thru!

Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire
545 Route 101
Bedford, NH 03110