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Hudson, the Semi-BeagleHudson is a beagle rescued by B.O.N.E.S. from a bad situation in Limington, ME. After the gentleman called 911 (and subsequently passed away), the local ACO found 20 dogs living in squalid conditions. B.O.N.E.S. took most of them and found them new homes. Overall, Hudson was in very good shape but when he had his physical, they found a serious mast cell tumor in his nose. As much as possible was removed but his condition will forever remain unknown - it might come back and it might not. B.O.N.E.S. wanted to find a wonderful home for Hudson and we did. John is a long-haul trucker that had lost his beagle companion of 13 years. He wanted a new companion. Luckily John found Hudson or Hudson found John. This is a wonderful match. Hudson and John have started e-mailing us notes from the road and we want to share them with you.

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April, 2015

Hudson's Chronicles - April, 2015 Good morning from Savannah, Georgia. John and I are down here waiting to pick up a load in Columbia, South Carolina, going to Dallas, Texas. This has been one long, cold, winter, as I'm sure most of you have suffered through. We were lucky that John kept us out of the severe cold and snow.

We left the end of January, after being hit with the first blizzard, and loaded for El Paso, TX. In fact, that's where I left off, from my last update.

We had a major brake repair on the truck. That cost us a couple days and twelve hundred dollars! At least it's fixed and we were on our way to Pennsylvania... or so we thought. Wrong!

We got to Oklahoma the next day, and the wheel seal was leaking. This was part of the original repair. John was able to get into the Peterbilt garage the next morning, and got it fixed under warranty. We were on the road by noon.

Hudson's Chronicles - April, 2015We made it up to Annville, Pennsylvania, and made our delivery. Since it was still cold and snowy back home, we headed to Florida! We went down to Delaware and loaded some cooling towers headed for Boca Raton. Yippee!

Once we loaded, we got under way, and it was very windy. After about 30 miles, there was a wind gust and I heard John mutter something under his breath. A few miles later, we pulled into a rest area, and I found out what was going on. The wind had ripped two pieces of plywood off the front of the cooling tower! John made some calls, and it was decided that he should tarp the front on the cooling unit to protect it. So, we left the "scene of the crime," stopped in Richmond, Virginia, and John tarped the cooling tower. When he had finished, he found me in the bunk looking over our planned route on the atlas.

We made it down to Boca without further incident, and made our delivery. From there, we went down to Miami, and then up to Orlando to get a couple of machines going up to Maryland. On our way, we stopped in Virginia to see John's mom and two sisters. As it turned out, all five of the kids were there for the weekend, so it was a treat to be able to see everyone. The following Monday, we made our deliveries and then we worked our way out to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where John had a corn planter to pick up and bring back to Maine.

When we were out in South Dakota, we had the weekend to layover and we got our first taste of spring. It was in the 70's and it was great! it seemed even nicer than when we were in Florida... I guess because the warm weather is expected in Florida. The warm weather so early in South Dakota gave everyone hope that winter was winding down.

Hudson's Chronicles - April, 2015We made it home and enjoyed some downtime for repairs, house cleaning, and taxes. I hope that when we get home next, we can put away the snow equipment and get out the mowers and grills!

I guess that's about all for now.

Hudson, the semi-beagle.