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Hudson, the Semi-BeagleHudson is a beagle rescued by B.O.N.E.S. from a bad situation in Limington, ME. After the gentleman called 911 (and subsequently passed away), the local ACO found 20 dogs living in squalid conditions. B.O.N.E.S. took most of them and found them new homes. Overall, Hudson was in very good shape but when he had his physical, they found a serious mast cell tumor in his nose. As much as possible was removed but his condition will forever remain unknown - it might come back and it might not. B.O.N.E.S. wanted to find a wonderful home for Hudson and we did. John is a long-haul trucker that had lost his beagle companion of 13 years. He wanted a new companion. Luckily John found Hudson or Hudson found John. This is a wonderful match. Hudson and John have started e-mailing us notes from the road and we want to share them with you.

**NEW** Now you can email Hudson since he has his very own B.O.N.E.S. email address! Write to him at!

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December, 2014

Hudson's Chronicles - December, 2014 Good morning from Hammond, LA. It's been a while since our last update. I've been after John to start typing, but he seems to have trouble making the time. I can see why he was not a good student in school...he never does his assignments!

Anyway, back to the story. Way back in October, we loaded several partials in Pennsylvania that all were going to the San Diego area. It was military freight that went to three bases. The final delivery was going to camp Pendleton, and it had to be delivered by noon on Friday. The agent was a little nervous about the delivery and was constantly calling and checking on the progress. The trip went well and we made our first delivery at 6 AM, with plenty of time for the next two. On our way to the second stop, we came down the exit ramp and as we started to turn right, the truck didn't want to move! The brakes would not release, so John got the truck out of the intersection and over to the side, and went underneath to see what was the problem. One of the tractor brakes had broken and was not releasing, causing the truck to drag. John grabbed his tools and disconnected the brake and we were on our way about an hour later. We made the rest of the deliveries and made our way to the truck stop to get the brake replaced.

The following Monday, we loaded a swimming pool in Williams, CA going to Spokane, WA. It was 16 feet wide which required pilot cars. It is nice to have someone watching your back and also clearing the path when you have something that you can't really see around, especially when you are driving through towns and making turns at intersections. We made it to the delivery site, a gated community, where they had to take down the main gate in order for us to fit through. We had to back onto the front lawn to get to where the crane was. It's always a bonus when you get to tear up somebody's lawn while doing your job. This reminds me of a sign I saw at a delivery John made a long time ago. I think it was the best sign I ever saw, and I think it applied to John perfectly.

After we delivered, we surprised John's sister and stopped by for a visit. It was a somber visit, because their dog, Maggie, had run off and was missing for several days. She was old and having some problems, and I thought that the "time" had come. It wasn't the same without her. John, Bill, and Judy went out for lunch, and I decided to let myself out, and go look for Maggie. They had been leaving the mud room door open, in case Maggie returned. That doggie door sure is handy!

Hudson's Chronicles - December, 2014Anyway, I was up the road hanging with the neighbors, playing with the kids, when John pulls into the driveway. I guess the kids' dad ratted me out. Anyway, they are talking, and John tells them about Maggie. Someone in the neighborhood found her and took her to the local rescue! To make a long story short, she had been adopted, but after research, phone calls and the fact that her new family found out about the story, Maggie is back home! I can't wait until the next time we visit, so she can tell me about her adventure. Maybe I will share it here. That does it for now.

Hudson, the semi-beagle.


Arooooooooo! I really need to do a better job of reviewing the updates before John sends them in.

Hudson's Chronicles - December, 2014I thought it would be nice to include a picture of the cabover all lit up with Christmas lights to start getting into the spirit. Well, he did, but forgot to say anything about it. I looked at him with that "what the..." look and told him to get cracking with a little update.

John decorates the truck every year. This year, somebody drove by and took a picture and posted it on Facebook. I think it is one of the best pictures taken, so John included it in the update, but forgot to mention anything about it. So, in case anybody was confused, that's the story.

Hudson, the semi-beagle.

Hudson's Chronicles - December, 2014