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Hudson, the Semi-BeagleHudson is a beagle rescued by B.O.N.E.S. from a bad situation in Limington, ME. After the gentleman called 911 (and subsequently passed away), the local ACO found 20 dogs living in squalid conditions. B.O.N.E.S. took most of them and found them new homes. Overall, Hudson was in very good shape but when he had his physical, they found a serious mast cell tumor in his nose. As much as possible was removed but his condition will forever remain unknown - it might come back and it might not. B.O.N.E.S. wanted to find a wonderful home for Hudson and we did. John is a long-haul trucker that had lost his beagle companion of 13 years. He wanted a new companion. Luckily John found Hudson or Hudson found John. This is a wonderful match. Hudson and John have started e-mailing us notes from the road and we want to share them with you.

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May, 2015

Hudson's Chronicles - May, 2015 Happy Mother's Day! John and I are in Murphy, NC, relaxing in a motel for the weekend.

It has been a terrible week. Two loads have been canceled, and another load was delayed for a day and a half. We finally made it here to Murphy, NC, to load a skidder heading back to Maine.

When it was loaded onto the trailer, John realized that it was wide. So, that means that we are stuck here in the middle of nowhere until Monday, when we have to make arrangements to get extra money from the customer and order permits. What a perfect ending to an already bad week.

On top of all that, we had a delivery to a nuclear power plant. When we got to the security gate, we found out that I was not allowed on site!

Obviously, they realized that we beagles are a highly-intelligent breed, capable of learning top secret information. Or, maybe they had read my May, 2014 article and knew I had a history of being a secret agent. Anyway, even though John promised that I wouldn't leave the truck, I could not go on site.

The only solution was for me to be tied to a tree at a convenience store across the street from the entrance to the power plant. John talked to a man that had a truck that sold fresh seafood in the parking lot, and he said that he would keep an eye on me. I was there for about an hour and a half, and I barked the whole time, waiting for someone to come and untie me and bring me back to the truck.

Finally, John made it back and I was pretty glad. I did have to explain to John that all the empty beer bottles were already there when I got tied up. Really! Honest!

Hudson's Chronicles - May, 2015I hope next week goes a little smoother.

That's all for now.

Hudson, the semi-beagle.