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Hudson, the Semi-BeagleHudson is a beagle rescued by B.O.N.E.S. from a bad situation in Limington, ME. After the gentleman called 911 (and subsequently passed away), the local ACO found 20 dogs living in squalid conditions. B.O.N.E.S. took most of them and found them new homes. Overall, Hudson was in very good shape but when he had his physical, they found a serious mast cell tumor in his nose. As much as possible was removed but his condition will forever remain unknown - it might come back and it might not. B.O.N.E.S. wanted to find a wonderful home for Hudson and we did. John is a long-haul trucker that had lost his beagle companion of 13 years. He wanted a new companion. Luckily John found Hudson or Hudson found John. This is a wonderful match. Hudson and John have started e-mailing us notes from the road and we want to share them with you.

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September, 2014

Hudson's Chronicles - September, 2014 Greetings from Candler, North Carolina. John and I are here for the weekend. John has a load of snow guns to pick up in Maggie Valley, NC going back up to Charlemont, MA. We are both disappointed that we couldn't make the B.O.N.E.S. Beagle Bash this year. We thought we would make it up by Saturday mid-day, but on Thursday, John found out that nobody works on Fridays at the ski area, and that we would have to wait until Monday to get loaded.

(Ed. note: we missed you, too!)

Prior to this trip, most of John's family converged on Moody Beach, in Wells, Maine, for a long weekend together. It was a great time and the weather was great. They had several excursions that left me home with the other dogs. I spent most of the time watching out the windows waiting for them to return. I did find Chloe's bed very comfortable and she was very good about sharing. So good, that I decided to share my bed with her.

Friday, they all went to New Hampshire to visit some relatives. On the way home, the guys took a side trip to Epping, NH, to meet some of John's friends at the drag races. One of John's friends was racing. He went a few rounds that day, but eventually, lost in one of the final rounds.

On Sunday, it was time to say goodbye and go home and pack up and head down to Norwood, MA, and Windsor, CT, to load machines going out to North Dakota. The previous week, we loaded a snow groomer in northern Maine going out to Dickinson, ND.

After an uneventful trip out, we were empty on Friday afternoon, with no prospects for reloads. Saturday, John was checking the load board and found a load posted to load that day in Helena, MT. He called the broker and sure enough, it was a "hot" load that had to go. The only problem was, we were 550 miles away. After a few calls, we got the orders to head to Helena. The customer would load us Sunday morning. The agent even got John extra money for the empty miles! That was a pretty nice surprise.

Hudson's Chronicles - September, 2014The next morning, we arrived and found out that the load was two pumps at 10,000 pounds each. An easy, light load that was going to Wilmington, NC, which got us in the vicinity of where the snow guns were.

This was a rush load and had to be delivered ASAP. John had to be very careful with his logbook, because he had not taken his 34 hour off duty break to restart the hours of service. It's complicated, but the gist is that he can't go over seventy hours on duty in the previous 8 days. Knowing his math skills, it was going to be difficult for him to do all this calculating. We'll see when the September log letters arrive from the safety office.

We did make it to Wilmington in time with only one small hitch. I was doing my business one night and was distracted by a stray cousin who was making an awful racket from the woods. I really wasn't paying attention to my surroundings... but, you know, I had other things on my mind.

After I was done, I had thison my backside. As it turned out, I had squatted on an anthill, and they weren't too impressed with my aerial bombardment! Luckily, they weren't red ants! John noticed my situation and ran/dragged me back to the truck, where he got a rag and began swatting the pesky ants off me. Anybody watching would have thought I was on fire and John was beating back the flames. Luckily, it was dark, and nobody saw me.

We made our delivery the next morning, and John was able to find a load from Fayetteville, NC going to York, SC, which was right on the way to Maggie Valley, where the snow guns were. This was one of the rare trips where everything seems to fall right into place...except for not being able to get loaded on Friday to be able to make the Bash!

We're already looking forward to next year.

Hudson's Chronicles - September, 2014That's all for now.

Hudson, the semi-beagle.