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Beagles of New England States (B.O.N.E.S.) was founded in June of 2003 with a mission to rescue, rehome, spay/neuter, and provide necessary medical care to beagles in need in the New England area. We endeavor to improve the quality of life for beagles in New England through outreach and education programs.

In thirteen years, B.O.N.E.S. has rescued more than 1,425 beagles
that were surrendered, abandoned, neglected or abused, and found loving, adoptive homes for them
throughout New England!

Additionally, the Sensational Senior Beagle Program was established to provide senior dogs
a home with a "supported adoption" for their remaining years.

We can only continue to rescue beagles with your help.

The stories below are just a few of the happy endings made possible by
our dedicated team of volunteers and the generous donations of supporters like you...


WillieRemember Willie from last year? He was placed with B.O.N.E.S. by an animal cruelty officer after living outside in deplorable conditions. He was nearly blind, had trench foot from constantly standing in urine and his nails grew up instead of down.

Willie never let blindness slow him down nor did he fear humans after being treated so poorly. Slowly nursed back to health, Willie was adopted in March as a "special needs dog" by a wonderful man who had been waiting patiently for "his dog".

To celebrate Willie's adoption, his new owner's family came together to help get everyone settled. Willie met and immediately bonded with his "beagle cousin" Hunter. Sweet Willie went swiftly from cruelty case to family member.

Willie met the resident cat and almost overnight learned the apartment layout. You would never know this little guy had just moved in.

Willie's owner lives in a small town in an apartment where his neighbors are his extended family. Once Willie was settled, everyone came to meet him. There's never a shortage of people who want to take Willie for a walk, give him treats or just visit. And Willie loves every bit of this attention.

This sweet dog has even become somewhat of a celebrity in his town. He is welcome at the local country store and members of the police department have come by to bring him new collars and leashes.

When dogs are adopted from B.O.N.E.S., everyone wishes them and their owners the very best because B.O.N.E.S.' goal is to make the perfect match. Willie and his owner couldn't be happier and are a great example of complete success.

SSB Ginny

SSB GinnyGinny entered the B.O.N.E.S. program when her family's living situation changed. She was blind and nearly deaf when we picked her up.

After entering B.O.N.E.S.' program as a possible SSB and being checked out by a member of our medical team, we learned that Ginny had a malignant, incurable and inoperable bladder tumor. On the advice of our veterinarian, we tried a medication that had been successful in reducing these kinds of tumors. The medication began to work and the tumor began to shrink.

Feeling better, she began to play with her foster home's dogs and did what all dogs love to do – cuddle, eat, run around the yard, go for walks and sit in the sun. She was enjoying life to the fullest!

In early March, her foster family asked to adopt her so she could live out her remaining days in love and comfort.

We will never know how Ginny entered her life but we do know that, because B.O.N.E.S. was kind enough to bring her into the program, she passed knowing she was well loved.

Daisy & Littlefoot

Daisy & LittlefootDaisy and Littlefoot's original owner had a major life change and was forced to surrender the girls to B.O.N.E.S.

The B.O.N.E.S. volunteer who visited Daisy and Littlefoot reported they were wonderful – very friendly and outgoing but closely attached to each other. There was no question they should be adopted together. Littlefoot, who has one paw smaller than the others, was lost without Daisy and followed her everywhere. Both were approved to enter the B.O.N.E.S. program and we began working to find them a home together.

The original owner wanted to foster the girls until the right adopter was found. B.O.N.E.S. agreed to provide food and medical care in exchange for fostering.

While waiting for the right adopter, the girls were visited regularly by a B.O.N.E.S. volunteer. In June they had to be moved to foster care. Though only in foster care a few weeks, Daisy and Littlefoot captured the hearts of all the family members.

In July, Daisy and Littlefoot were adopted by a wonderful family. Excited, the girls jumped into the car and headed off to their new home where they are the center of attention for owners who couldn't be happier with the match.