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Our average cost per beagle for medical care is well over $689, much more if the beagle has special needs. Please consider making a donation. You can use the PayPal™ link above to sponsor Maja or visit our Help a Beagle page for more options.

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Get Well Maja! Love, The McGearty's
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You'll soon have the forever home that you deserve, Maja. "Josie" Bashalany
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In loving memory of our beloved 14 year old beagle Aurora. Congratulations for all you do for the beagles!
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What a sweet little lady!!! Get Well Maja!
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Maja,you are such a beautiful little girl. We want to give you hugs & kisses. Here's to better health & a forever home. Marilyn Breuer & Daisy
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This donation is for Maja and is given in memory of our beloved beagle Marti.
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Get well, little one!
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This donation is in memory of my sweet, little girl Dickens, who also suffered from seizures.
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Get well soon!
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In loving memory of Indy who had seizures too.
Kelly Brown

7.5 year old female
Good with some dogs
Unsure about cats
Good with adults only

Update: 11-05-2013
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! - To everyone who was kind enough to contribute to my medical fund in the past few months. I can't begin to tell you how much your kindness and generosity has made possible for me – along with all the prayers, good wishes and encouragement. Thanks to all the great medical care and training support you helped provide, my foster mom says I am now just a normal beagle girl with a couple quirks. (I think that is good news – right?) She also says I am sweet tempered, cute, charming and smart. Anyway, I wanted to bring everyone up to date on my progress and tell you about a few new adventures.

I have continued seizure free since March and my neurologist has already started reducing my medications, but I will need to continue on daily medication for life to insure continued good health. Though my eyesight is less than perfect, I can get around so well today with my nose and remaining sight it hardly matters in my day-to-day life. Many people I meet never notice and are surprised when told my sight is limited. Just came down to substituting one great sense for another.

I continue to enjoy my daily walks and traveling with my foster family. The car has become my favorite toy! I can't wait to be out and about every day with anyone going anywhere. When my foster parents grab the keys and say "errands" - I run for the door! Riding in my crate is fun and there are so many exciting places to go and new people to meet. I'm a hugger – love attention! Favorite stops are the bank and our local Starbucks. What a wonderful system – you drive up – cookies come out of the window! We have made a lot of trips in the RV the last few months and my favorite place to be is the beach. I have become a world class beach bum – or so I have been told – and could spend hours walking the shoreline. It's a real beagle sniffing wonderland and they even scatter snacks along the water's edge – crab legs and clams on the half-shell! Check out my new photos!

My foster Mom recently introduced what she called a "training event" – my first trip to the pet supply store. She may call it training, I call it heaven! A whole store filled with wonderfulness for dogs – I sampled the treats, became the center of attention in less than a minute, met a nice cat and picked out my own new bed. Meeting all the new dogs and their people was great and I engaged in doggie meet and greet like I was an old pro. Hope that means we get to go back this week – loved the freeze dried liver snacks and talk about giving my nose a work out!

I continue to work with my trainer to become a well-trained beagle girl. My favorite thing in life is being with my family and pack. All I ask is love, affection and compassion for my handicaps. Snuggling with my humans and spending time with them is my only wish. I have become my foster parents' shadows– never more than a few feet away – life is just so much more fun that way! Unfortunately, this has led me to feel a bit insecure when left alone but we are working with an expert team at Tufts to make me feel less worried at those times. I never bark inappropriately, have never chewed or damaged anything, love a well-established and reliable daily schedule and am reliably house trained. The only time I may have an accident is when left alone at home in my crate. It is just that now my life is so wonderful I get afraid it will change and no one will take care of me if they leave me. It will just take some time and continued support to insure me I will not be abandoned ever again.

My life before B.O.N.E.S. was filled with neglect, fear and debilitating illness. Now it is filled with kindness, play, security and good health – what more could a beagle girl ask for? Maybe, just a loving forever family.

Maja Being Taught How to Play

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